Becoming a Minimalist Nomad

Embracing minimalist nomadic living means having to leave ‘ownerships’ behind. Decluttering our life can be meaningfully therapeutic. Not only from a materialistic perspective; the minimalist approach can be applied to many realms of life. Whether it’s about belongings, habits, mindsets, it’s no surprise that it is trending as more are opting for the minimalist nomad lifestyle.

Atman Karsa
3 min readMar 23, 2022
See the world!

“Small Is Beautiful”

— E. F. Schumacher, Father of Natural Capital.

Minimalism is usually implied simple living, deprived of the ‘unnecessaries’. And while minimalism has a lot to do with materialism, it digs deeper. Our innate relationship with nature.

Minimalism is about letting go of the unnecessary that burdens us, to make more space for what really matters. Hence, we don’t end up with less, but with much, much more! Also, taking much less from nature.

Many have generated self courage to shift to minimalist nomadism because of ‘neo-FOMO’ as if something is missing in life if we continue our routines — same shit different day. Capitalism and Compulsive Consumerism, the unspoken dual-religions has made advertisements our trusty companion, invading every single moment of our day. We’ve been suffering from a ‘shopaholism’ for decades, developing an addictive, co-dependent relationship to meaningless deals. Yet, it is undeniably we feel emptier than ever. The meaningless solution of consumerism only fills the void that much, and if we look into our closet, I bet that only a small number of items will actually make us smile inside.

“We are destroying the natural ecosystem that sustains us by generating unnecessary waste everyday”

Alternatively, if we value experiences over ‘ownerships’, that feeling of being wasting your lifetime on home loans, car loans, and credit cards will haunt us less and less. Regaining our freedom away from the ‘capitalistic-slavery’. The more ‘ownerships’ we have, the more fear and anxiety we shall generate in ourselves. Obviously, that shiny car or the latest product launch will give us a fleeting shot of adrenaline — the ‘material-orgasmic-disorder’. Ironically, a mesmerising moment will embed in our mind until the last day — in our heart, in our memory, in our stories.

Discover our soul. The perfect life is to see the world!

We receive so many imposed expectations from the pretentious world that we can’t tell apart what we truly like and who we really are. Thus, hooked up on the latest trends, on that new product that makes us feel included, on that attire that does not fit our personality but seems to get so many compliments and unwarranted validations. How can we really tell who we are? It’s when we try to let go of this foolish pressure that we make space for things that matter. Minimalist nomadic life shows the way to a metaphorical quiet place, where we can listen to our inner voice.

Stop giving more capital to ‘ownerships’ but start shifting to ‘experiences’

We should not become radicals and should never advocate a revolution. There’s not one specific lifestyle that suits everyone in the world. And it’s not about THE only way, but it’s just A way of life. Way of life can be sometimes taken to its extremes, but it really doesn’t have to be an all-in choice of life.

Truthfully, it does feel like a natural transition if we opt for a minimalist nomadic life. Leaving ‘ownerships’ behind? Check! See the world? Check! Prioritising experiences over objects? Check! So yes, introducing the way of life of becoming a minimalist nomadic enabled by ‘ecotizenship’.

Hmmm, if you’re reading this but you’re not quite on board with the minimalist nomadism yet — a minimalist lifestyle can actually navigate your life pathway to consider it as an antidote to your monotony. It’s up to each individual to find a way to inner peace.



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